Cashless ATM Payment Processing Solutions

<h1>Cashless ATM Payment Processing Solutions</h1>

When is a Cashless ATM Terminal the Best Solution for a Business?

A cashless ATM terminal is the best of all worlds–no ATM cash extraction limits, no federally-barred credit card transactions, and no retro-fitted credit card machines that are ill-suited for debit card transactions. Our clients have found that having the flexibility to offer pin-based transactions also reduces the need for cash on hand while providing an enhanced customer experience. The cashless ATM terminal provides industry-leading EFT (electronic funds transfer) equipment and customer service.

How Cashless ATMs Work

Cashless ATM terminals feel to the customer like a credit card machine–cards can be swiped or inserted into a chip reader. However, the fee for the transaction is paid by the customer (just as with an ATM machine fee). This means the merchant has zero costs associated with the transaction! Our system also offers a “tip” option so that employees can benefit from each customer transaction.

Our clients who use this system have not had to get a new bank account in order to use it, and they are happy that funds are deposited directly to their current bank account the very next day. The set-up process is easy and quick and integrates with any already established POS system. These machines also offer UV germ protection: a UV light automatically turns on after each transaction to kill germs on the device.

Let’s talk about whether this is the right solution for your business, whether you are a cannabis vendor with a unique set of parameters, or any other vendor who would like to improve debit card use at your business.

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