Merchant Services for Your Business

WPS specializes in serving hotels, restaurants, dispensaries, and other small businesses.

Westmoreland Payment Services began when its founders were partnering with hotels and restaurants to find affordable, reliable and safe payment processing solutions. We partnered with hospitality clients to find POS systems that worked for their unique needs, as well as accounting services and payroll processing to simplify operations. From this experience, WPS realized we could help other businesses with merchant services to streamline and improve their business operations.

<h1>Merchant Services for Your Business</h1>

<p><em>WPS specializes in serving hotels,...

WPS for Your Company

WPS believes that the best merchant services are those tailored to the exact needs of the business. Whether you need secure online payments, cashless NFC options, or help with financial reporting, WPS provides the equipment, software and expert services to help your business thrive.

If you’re ready for personalized service and customized merchant services, then contact WPS today. We’re ready to help your business succeed.

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WPS offers merchant services
tailored specifically for these industries:

Hotels & Resorts
Hotels & Resorts

From our decades of experience running operations for hotels, resorts and casinos, WPS can provide secure payment processing solutions, accounting and payroll services to help hospitality companies serve guests and run efficiently.

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Whether a restaurant takes online orders, processes cards at a food truck or is trying to reduce card processing fees, WPS can find the POS system that best meets the needs of guests and restaurant operations.

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The cannabis industry has unique requirements for accepting payments at dispensaries or online. WPS provides options for cashless and NFC payment acceptance, as well as extensive data protection, to allow businesses in the cannabis industry to operate efficiently and safely.

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Small Business
Small Business

Small businesses often cannot afford the high fees associated with many credit card processors. WPS finds POS systems and payment processing solutions that save on fees while still delivering financial and marketing data to help companies grow.

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