Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Restaurants & Small Businesses

Point of Sale, or POS, systems work best when they’re personalized. That’s why Westmoreland Payment Services offers hands-on, personal service with 24/7 support to help restaurants and businesses set up POS systems that help manage customers, improve service, and run more effectively and efficiently.


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<h1>Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Restaurants & Small Businesses</h1>

<p>Point of Sale, or...

TouchBistro: Leader in Restaurant POS Systems

WPS partners with TouchBistro to provide leading POS solutions for restaurants. Designed only for restaurants, TouchBistro offers an easy-to-use system that is full of features, can be highly customized, and saves time and money. Add options that work for your business, such as loyalty programs, bill-split services, online ordering, online reservations, self-serve kiosks, inventory management, business analytics reporting, and more.

TouchBistro product video.

A partnership with WPS and TouchBistro ensures your business has a trusted partner ready to help you succeed.

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Clover Station POS for Retail & Service Businesses

Clover offers the equipment and services your small business needs to thrive. It’s a one-stop point-of-sale and payment processing solution that helps your business accept payments, manage inventory, process exchanges and review analytics. Whether you’re a small, single storefront, an online only retailer or a large chain, there are Clover options to fit your needs, all backed by full-service, 24/7 support.

With WPS and Clover, your retail or service business can run seamlessly, leaving you to focus more on what you love to do.

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