Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Restaurants & Small Businesses

Point of Sale, or POS, systems work best when they’re personalized. That’s why Westmoreland Payment Services offers hands-on, personal service with 24/7 support to help restaurants and businesses set up POS systems that can manage customers, improve service, and help businesses run more effectively and efficiently.


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<h1>Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Restaurants & Small Businesses</h1>

<p>Point of Sale, or...

Westmoreland Payment Services partners with leading companies to offer three unique POS solutions, each with a range of customizable features. Read more about each below, and then contact us to discuss which one is the best fit for your restaurant or small business.

TouchBistro: Leader in Restaurant POS Systems

WPS partners with TouchBistro to provide leading POS solutions for restaurants. Designed only for restaurants, TouchBistro offers an easy-to-use system that is full of features, can be highly customized, and saves time and money. Add options that work for your business, such as loyalty programs, bill-split services, online ordering, online reservations, self-serve kiosks, inventory management, business analytics reporting, and more.

TouchBistro product video.

A partnership with WPS and TouchBistro ensures your business has a trusted partner ready to help you succeed.

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Clover Station POS for Retail & Service Businesses

Clover offers the equipment and services your small business needs to thrive. It’s a one-stop point-of-sale and payment processing solution that helps your business accept payments, manage inventory, process exchanges and review analytics. Whether you’re a small, single storefront, an online-only retailer or a large chain, there are Clover options to fit your needs, all backed by full-service, 24/7 support.

With WPS and Clover, your retail or service business can run seamlessly, leaving you to focus more on what you love to do.

talech by Elavon - The Ultimate POS System for Restaurant Growth

WPS also partners with POS provider Elavon to offer another processing system for restaurants called talech. Designed to help businesses grow their operations and sales, talech is an intuitive system that helps with online or in-person ordering, reservations, inventory, customer tracking, data reports, and employee management.

Talk to one of our experts to see if talech is the right fit for your restaurant, or learn more by clicking the button below.

talech by Elavon

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