Restaurant POS Systems & Credit Card Processing Solutions

Over the decades that we have been partnering with small- and large-chain restaurants, we have learned a lot from our clients. We have learned about testing restaurant credit card processing usability across the variety of people who will interface with our systems.

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<h1>Restaurant POS Systems & Credit Card Processing Solutions</h1>

<p>Over the decades that...

Why Do We Love Working with Restaurants?

We love decreasing stress for our restaurant clients. Restaurants can be a bustling environment of demanding customers, multi-tasking front-of-house staff, and busy back-of-house staff, leaving managers and administrators little time to sift through the details of choosing the best POS systems for restaurants. We believe the POS equipment and accounting software should work smoothly for everyone involved.

We are eager to share our expertise with you, and you can reach us by filling out our contact form. Read on to find out more about how we partner with clients and how we troubleshoot these important business decisions.

How We Partner with Clients

What Can a Client of Westmoreland Payment Services Expect in Terms of Service? WPS prides itself on a level of customer service that is not commonly found in the restaurant POS system marketplace. Some companies will boast about their complex approach and insider knowledge when it comes to deciding on the best POS system for restaurants, but after decades of experience and listening to our clients, we know that industry know-how is not enough. We understand that being a real and consistent partner for a restaurant business is essential to everyone’s success. We support not only the account set-up procedure, but also the routine consulting to ensure a continued quality experience.

Examples of WPS’ High Level of Interface with Our Restaurant Clients:

  • Initial Business Analytics Review
  • Ordering and Installation of Restaurant Credit Card Processing Hardware
  • Training Employees on the Restaurant POS System
  • Testing Usability between Customers, Staff, and Administrators
  • Quarterly Conference Calls

Cutting Edge Knowledge

How We Help Clients Decide on POS Systems: Depending on the size and type of restaurant you own and operate, WPS can make suggestions on what type of POS your company requires to run an efficient operation. WPS works with TouchBistro, Micros, and Aloha, among others. We work with our customers to make sure they get the best pricing.

How We Help Clients Decide on Security Solutions: WPS works with several providers that install the cyber coverage needed to keep restaurant owners protected from any and all credit card fraud. An important note to remember: if a property is hacked, VISA & MasterCard can each charge a restaurant up to 5% of their ANNUAL credit card volume. It can happen swiftly and comes right out of the restaurant owner’s bank account. We work hard to make sure this does not happen to our clients.

Whether a restaurant takes online orders, processes cards at a food truck or is trying to reduce card processing fees, WPS can find the POS system that best meets the needs of guests and restaurant operations.

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Choose The Right POS System For Your Business

Westmoreland Payment Services partners with leading companies to offer three unique POS solutions, each with a range of customizable features. Read more about each below, and then contact us to discuss which one is the best fit for your restaurant or small business.

POS System Comparison Chart

TouchBistro: Leader in Restaurant POS Systems

TouchBistro: Leader in Restaurant POS Systems

Designed specifically for restaurants, TouchBistro offers an easy-to-use system that is full of features, can be highly customized, and saves time and money. Add options that work for your business, such as loyalty programs, bill-split services, online ordering, online reservations, self-serve kiosks, inventory management, business analytics reporting, and more.

Learn More About TouchBistro

Clover Station POS for Retail & Service Businesses

Clover Station POS for Retail & Service Businesses

Clover is a one-stop point-of-sale and payment processing solution that helps your business accept payments, manage inventory, process exchanges and review analytics. Whether you’re a small, single storefront, an online-only retailer or a large chain, there are Clover options to fit your needs, all backed by full-service, 24/7 support.

Learn More About Clover

talech by Elavon - The Ultimate POS System for Restaurant Growth

talech by Elavon - The Ultimate POS System for Restaurant Growth

Designed to help businesses grow their operations and sales, talech is an intuitive system that helps with online or in-person ordering, reservations, inventory, customer tracking, data reports, and employee management.

Learn More About talech

Oracle (MICROS) POS System

Oracle (MICROS) POS System

Oracle (MICROS) has been recognized as an industry leader in restaurant point-of-sale system software, with an all-in-one cloud platforms for optimizing online and in-house operations in real time. WPS helps your business select the right system to improve efficiency, security, and operations, based on your current and future needs.

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Epos Now: All-in-One System

Epos Now: All-in-One System

Epos Now is an intuitive and robust POS system built to compete with big box providers (like Square and Toast) at a fraction of the cost. With a user-friendly interface, top-notch table and item management, robust reporting, mobile and countertop devices, and seamless app integrations, you can empower your team to deliver the best customer service possible.

Learn More About EPOS Now

PAX A920 Portable POS System

PAX A920 Portable POS System

The PAX A920 is a handheld, SimpleSwipe POS system terminal that is sleek, stylish, and built to last. It operates with cellular data and Wi-Fi and has a long-lasting battery life for go-anywhere portability. The 5-inch, high-resolution touchscreen is incredibly easy to use. Advanced capabilities make it quick to ring up multiple items. 

Learn More About PAX A920

Create Your Own POS System

Create Your Own POS System

Customize a POS system to meet your specific business needs.  From selecting hardware to adding features, our team of experts will help guide you through the process of creating the most effective and efficient POS system for your business. 

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