Big Shifts in the World of Credit

Big Shifts in the World of Credit - "Buy Now Pay Later"

The world of credit is rapidly being shaped by disruptors like “buy now pay later” and new ways to calculate credit scores. With these ongoing changes, you may not know every little change that is coming your way.

At WPS, when we work with small businesses, we are available to regularly update our customers and advise them of pivots they could make to get ahead of industry changes. If you have specific questions, we’d love to chat!

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Weighing Pros and Cons for Buy Now Pay Later, Masked Cards, Alternative Data Sets, and More

We have received many inquiries from current and potential customers asking about emerging trends in credit and payment processing, such as:

  • Are there any risks (for merchants) associated with Buy Now Pay Later methods?
  • If masked cards, or “virtual burner cards,” become the norm, will we lose the benefits of fraud protection provided by the statistical analysis of customers’ shopping behaviors?
  • If credit cards will be able to underwrite loans when banks use alternative data sets to create credit scores for home buyers, will there be new companies emerging in the credit card issuing industry?

We love thinking about subjects from complex to simple. But first and foremost, we work to make payment processing streamlined for our clients.

Here’s the bottom line: at WPS, we’re here to talk.

Whether you want to talk pros and cons of Buy Now Pay Later or any other new payment system, we are here. We do not hire representatives outside of the country. We are completely US-based.

We assign each of our merchants a client manager so that they have someone to speak to directly. We believe in personal service to ensure our clients get exactly what they need.

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