Let Westmoreland Payment Services Handle All of your Accounting and Payroll Needs

Let Westmoreland Payment Services Handle All of your Accounting and Payroll Needs

Everyday, we hear from business owners who are overtaxed by their myriad business management duties. From payroll and accounting to the one-on-one management of their personnel — it’s enough to give any business owner a headache!

What if you could outsource these services and focus on other priorities? 

Now, you can.

Westmoreland Payment Services is dedicated to streamlining your business operations so you can focus on doing what you do best: running your restaurant or small business. 

Learn about our Accounting, Financial and Payroll Services

We offer personalized and reliable accounting, financial, and payroll services that take time-consuming tasks such as check payments, W-2s, and time-clock management right off your plate. 

Our WPS corporate finance and accounting teams help hundreds of small businesses manage their accounting, operations, and financial health each and every day.  For business owners needing to take a step back or simply needing support, we manage:

  • Financial statement production and analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Budget development
  • Periodic auditing

How do we do it? For payroll services, WPS uses a highly systematic software called Paylocity to allow your checks to be sent in the mail or get directly deposited into employee accounts. Additionally, Paylocity has an app and dashboard for each employee, allowing easy access to W-2s, paystubs or to look at deposits.

With Westmoreland Payment Services, we make business management a breeze. 

Curious about other ways WPS can help streamline your business? Learn more about our payment processing systems here

We’re Ready to Help

Let our highly skilled team at WPS run all of your small business accounting, payroll, and financial services needs. Contact WPS today.

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