Small Business Start-Ups & Payment Processing Solutions

Small Business Start-Ups & Payment Processing Solutions

Starting a small business comes with so many decisions to make. As you prepare your budget, it’s important to be aware of any expenses and fees that will be recurring on a regular basis.

One of your key decisions will involve an assessment of payment processing expenses and fees. In today’s world, almost all businesses accept credit cards, so the decision becomes, “Which payment processing solution is right for me?”

At Westmoreland Payment Services, we help you select the right payment processing solutions so that you can save money and be prepared for credit card processing costs.

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Choosing the right credit card processing system

Deciding how you will accept payments is a big decision that merchants face. Will you accept credit cards, online payments, and contactless NFC payments?

But with start-up costs mounting, how do you juggle the expected processing fees, bank fees and equipment costs?

Westmoreland Payment Services can help you navigate all of these variables. We work with you upfront to help you select the right payment and credit card processing solutions for your business, We also offer instant merchant pay solutions tailored to your exact needs.

This in turn helps you receive great rates for your small business and helps you get your funds quickly.

Our payment services value offerings

Why choose Westmoreland for your payment services needs? Here are a few of the values that set our team and offerings apart:

Customer Support: Our track record says it all — just ask our long-time clients. We’re here for you every step of the way. We’re here for you over the phone or through email day in and day out. We’re a small company doing big things, and our clients feel that. Personability and a customized approach to every customers' needs are what we do best.

Reliability: You want to feel confident that no matter what time of day, your payments will be processed fast, efficiently and without interruption. Not only are speed and efficiency our top priority, but we also are laser-focused on keeping your transactions safe.

Learn more about fraud prevention for your business.

Integration and Scalability: We know that you’ll want your payment processing solutions to be able to be seamlessly integrated into all of your platforms, from your website to your POS equipment and everything in between. We also understand the need for scalability. As you grow, you’ll want your payment processing services to grow with you too. Westmoreland Payment Services works with you to help build your payment platform every step of the way.

Fees: As you start your small business, you’ll need to be aware of fees to expect with any transaction. We work with you to not only identify which service will work best for your business, but also what to expect from every transaction.

As you ramp up your small business, look no further than Westmoreland Payment Services to help you identify the best payment processing service.

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