Virtual and Online Payment Options for your Business

Virtual and Online Payment Options for your Business

At Westmoreland Payment Services, our singular goal is to make managing your business simpler. That’s why we offer an array of merchant services solutions for hotels, restaurants, retail, and many other small businesses. 

What’s more, we focus on tailoring our services to meet your needs. Our packages can include anything from POS equipment and payment processing software to additional services like contactless payment processing, and much much more. 

We help everyone from new start-ups to long-time owners needing a little more help with all of their business’ time-consuming administrative tasks. Our team at WPS is dedicated to delivering solutions that provide meaningful results for your business.

So what does that look like?

We’ll touch on an area that gets a lot of traction among business owners: our virtual terminal and online payment solutions. 

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WPS Virtual Terminal and Online Payment Options 

When an actual credit card is not present, WPS offers secure, web-based terminal solutions that accept and manage customer payments. 

By offering this option for your virtual transactions, your business can expand in new ways. These include online, invoice, shopping, and quick bill pay transactions.

Our online and virtual payment options include the following benefits:

  • Virtual terminals allow you to authorize, process, and manage mail or phone credit card payments from any computer. Your customers can quickly and easily pay bills with one simple payment link in an invoice.
  • Recurring billing allows you to bill customers, charge cards, and process payments securely and on a set schedule. This allows you to safely and securely keep clients’ credit card information on file.
  • Our hosted pay page allows you to sell your products online quickly and securely through a page connected to your website. 
  • And our eCommerce platform allows you to accept and integrate payments online from your website shopping cart.

Our virtual terminals are fast, efficient and secure. 

Next, we’ll answer what our onboarding process looks like. 

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Merchant Onboarding with WPS

When you partner with Westmoreland Payment Services, our goal is to make merchant onboarding a breeze so you can get your payments rolling along seamlessly. 

For every merchant onboarding, we:

  • Bring all the right teams to the table. WPS leads a Zoom call to walk the merchant through online platform training, and to answer any questions they might have.
  • As the customer goes through the onboarding  process step by step, we work through sample, real-life transition scenarios. 
  • WPS runs through all reporting so the customer is utilizing everything that the software provides. 
  • At the end of the year, financial numbers are easy to gather for that business' CPA.

From this point on, our merchants find that the technology integration is seamless, transactions happen instantly, plus they save time and can pull any number of different kinds of reports that integrate well with their other business technology. 

That’s the Westmoreland Payment Services difference. We work hard to keep things simple for our clients. We like to tell all of our merchants and business partners, “The WPS team is always just a phone call away."

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