Best Wireless Credit Card Terminals for Restaurants

Best Wireless Credit Card Terminals for Restaurants

Ever had a frustrated guest at your restaurant, wanting to pay by card from the comfort of their seat? Wireless credit card readers are becoming increasingly popular. So popular even, that clients can get frustrated when businesses don’t have one. To eliminate this stress, Westmoreland Payment Services offers some of the best wireless credit card terminals for the hospitality industry.

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What is a Wireless Credit Card Reader?

Wireless credit card readers are mobile payment terminals. They are especially convenient for businesses that don’t serve customers at the till. Think of business owners who visit their clients at their homes or restaurants that serve their guests at the table. Whatever business you’re in, wireless terminals can help streamline payment processing and improve customer satisfaction.

Why You Should Invest in a Wireless Terminal

The most obvious reason to invest in wireless payment terminals is to increase efficiency and speed up payment times, but there are additional benefits:

  • Increased convenience for your clients by allowing them to pay where they are
  • Flexibility in accepting various payment methods
  • Improved security with built-in, advanced security features
  • Easy implementation because of its integration with existing restaurant point-of-sale systems
  • Detailed transaction data and analytics allow for valuable business insights

But most importantly, wireless credit card terminals allow restaurant owners to accept payments anywhere at any time.

Best Wireless Terminal for Restaurants

Because every restaurant is unique, WPS always schedules a free consultation to discuss your needs and desires before making a final recommendation.

We offer multiple wireless terminal models, which have been carefully researched and reviewed by our team over the years. There is one terminal that we specifically recommend for restaurant owners because of its functionality and ease of use.

The PAX A-920 SimpleSwipe terminal is a wireless credit card reader that can be connected to mobile devices. From inventory tracking and reporting to analytics and accounting, this device does everything. In addition, the PAX A-920 was reviewed as “very user-friendly” by multiple users, including restaurant owners.

Additional features of the PAX A-920 include:

  • Accepts chip, magnetic swipe and contactless tap credit card payments
  • Accepts all forms of payment
  • Uses wireless connection via WiFi or cellular (no Bluetooth required)
  • Can email, text or print receipts
  • Registers inventory, payments and other data for easy reporting

These features make the SimpleSwipe terminal a great recommendation for restaurant owners. If you’re trying to find the right equipment for your restaurant, contact WPS for more information about the SimpleSwipe terminal or one of our other wireless credit card readers.

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