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Food trucks, perhaps more than most small businesses, require point-of-sale (POS) systems that are fast, flexible and reliable. From handling spotty internet connections to taking credit card payments quickly and easily, payment processing systems for food trucks have to handle a lot.

At Westmoreland Payment Services, we work only with POS systems and merchant services that we know will work for our customers. We recommend credit card readers and merchant services that help food trucks process orders quickly and accept a wide variety of payments.

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Food Truck POS System Requirements

When shopping for a POS system for a food truck (or any small business), it’s important to find one that meets all of your needs. A simple credit card reader may do the job in a pinch, but it won’t provide all the services to help your food truck run efficiently and effectively.

Consider these features for food truck point-of-sale processing systems:

  • Works wireless. On a food truck, wall plugs are scarce. Your POS system should be wireless and able to move as much as you do. Additionally, it should be able to run a long time on a battery.
  • Works with or without WiFi. Your food truck may not always be in a strong internet zone. Choose a POS system that can work with cellular or WiFi data.
  • Small and portable. Food truck storage is sparse and it can get quite crowded during the meal rush. Find a credit card reader that is small and space-saving.
  • Easily handles menu changes and big orders. Whether your menu changes weekly or by event, you should be able to easily add items, as well as assist customers who put in large or complicated orders.
  • Easy to use for a variety of customers. Some of your fans may be accustomed to credit card readers, while others may be slowed down by lots of prompts or slow processing. Find a POS system that is easy to use for anyone, with a screen that appeals to all users.

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Our Top Recommendation: SimpleSwipe POS on the PAX A920

As a merchant services provider for a wide variety of businesses and restaurants, we have worked with many wireless payment terminals. Our top recommendation for food trucks is the SimpleSwipe POS on the Pax A920.

The Pax A920 has a sleek design that is durable and space-saving, but still has an easy-to-read 5-inch touchscreen. It works over cellular or Wi-Fi data with a long-lasting battery. Paired with SimpleSwipe, this POS system offers many capabilities, from ringing up long orders to adding discounts and varying tax rates.

Ready to learn why we recommend this device so highly? Schedule a demo with us to see how the SwimpleSwipe Pax A920 could work for your food truck business.

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More Payment Processing Options for Food Trucks

While we have our top choice for a credit card reader for food trucks, we know that one size never fits all.

If your food truck has an online ordering and payment option, if you want to accept cashless payments (like NFTs), or if you want to swipe cards on your phone or tablet, then other POS systems may be a better fit. WPS offers options to meet these and many other needs for small businesses.

Our experienced staff is happy to work with you to find the payment processing system or credit card reader that is best for your food truck business. Drop us a line so we can discuss your business needs.

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