Speeding Up Payment Processing while Lowering Processing Costs

Speeding Up Payment Processing while Lowering Processing Costs

North Pittsburgh’s heating and cooling specialist Climate Systems has been serving the region’s HVAC needs for over 40 years. The locally-owned, family-run business was growing, but its payment processing system couldn’t keep up with the number of customers Climate Systems served on a daily basis. That’s why they reached out to Westmoreland Payment Services for help.

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Rather than having to call and process credit card payments, this company needed the option to handle credit card payments on the spot, at the time of service. This feature would speed up payments and improve the customer experience, cutting out the tedious chore of handling payments after the fact.

After a thorough analysis of the business and a conversation with the business owner, WPS recommended the usage of the Ingenico Moby 3000 mobile device. This lightweight device makes it easy to accept payments anywhere, making it perfect for Climate System’s HVAC service technicians to bring with them on the job.

Shortly after implementation, the device proved a success for the business. Some of the benefits making the Ingenico Moby 3000 successful for Climate Systems include:

  • No longer having to wait on the customer to call in their credit card information
  • Saving time by not having to manually enter the credit card information
  • Decreasing the chance of user error because the card is read by the device

In addition, the number of overdue invoices decreased dramatically since implementing this mobile device, saving even more time for both the business and the customer!

As a result of this successful partnership, WPS continues to work with Climate Systems on an ongoing basis. As part of the WPS service, we continue to monitor performance to ensure the device is performing optimally, and we assist each year with ensuring that PCI compliance is up to date.

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