Optimize Your Small Business With Mobile Credit Card Readers

Optimize Your Small Business With Mobile Credit Card Readers

With more businesses being mobile these days, the service for customers has increased significantly. Don’t stop there and make sure that your business extends that flexibility and service to your payment options. With our mobile credit card readers, your clients can pay at the point of service and your team will no longer have to send out invoices or worry about overdue payments.

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What is a Mobile Credit Card Reader?

Mobile payment terminals are designed to be carried around and are ideal for restaurants and businesses on the road. Think of a pest control company who, after treatment, can immediately set the bill with a client. Or a food truck that accepts all types of credit cards.

Whatever business you’re in, mobile terminals can help streamline payment processing and improve customer satisfaction.

Why You Should Invest in a Mobile Terminal

The most obvious reason to invest in mobile payment processing solutions is to increase efficiency and speed up payment times. But there are additional benefits:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by accepting various payment methods.
  • Save time because you’ll no longer have to distribute invoices, manually manage payments and send payment reminders.
  • Increase convenience for your clients and staff by allowing them to manage payments where they are.
  • Improve security and implementation with built-in, advanced security features and easy integration with existing mobile devices.
  • Detailed transaction data and analytics allow for valuable business insights.

But most importantly, mobile credit card terminals allow business owners to accept payments anywhere at any time.

Best Terminal for Mobile Businesses

Because every business is unique, WPS always schedules a free consultation to discuss your business needs and wants before making a final recommendation.

We offer multiple mobile terminal models, which have been carefully researched and reviewed by our team over the years. The biggest reason mobile credit card readers stand out from other payment terminals is because of its convenience of being able to take a transaction anywhere.

As opposed to wireless credit card readers, mobile terminals don’t require Wi-Fi, but instead work with your phone directly. Depending on the device, this can be via Bluetooth, an application, or an extension attached to your mobile device.

If you’re trying to find the right equipment for your business, contact WPS for more information about our mobile credit card readers.

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